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Don't let mold prevent you from having company over to your home. Thomas Company inspects for any type of mold, especially black mold. Don't put off home and commercial remediation; mold can enter the body anywhere there's an opening, including cuts, the nose, mouth, or eyes, which can cause serious illness. We'll be here to prevent and stop mold at its source by cutting off the moisture from getting into hard-to-reach spaces. We'll look for leaks in your bathroom or kitchen that make ideal places for mold to grow.

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Proper maintenance of the home is essential when it comes to keeping your home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, mold-free. As a real estate broker with more than 45 years of experience, and more than 40 years experience in building houses and contracting, our owner knows what it takes to prevent hazardous mold from taking over your home. Thomas Company is a local family-owned-and-operated business that thrives off helping you. Your time is valuable to us and we make it a point to be 15 minutes early to every job. We will be courteous and call to let you know otherwise. You can trust our home mold removal operations, as we are state-licensed contractors that are members of the Home Builders Association.

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